February 2017


Introducing ‘FEMINISM ONE ON ONE’: GODIVA to Hold Weekly Broadcast

Godiva who is an ardent feminist and human rights defender will explore the issues that affect women, how best to move forward in a world so dominantly defined by men as well as how to be stronger and proud women irrespective of social status, gender identity, sexual orientation as well as breaking the barriers that have been forced upon women by culture and religion.


Shamim: Holding onto Hope Amidst Life’s Obstacles

Shamim Namutebi is a transwoman that is determined to rise above whatever hurdles life throws her way. She has been lynched and left for dead; in fact she still breathes with difficulty, the people she once called her friends have betrayed and deserted her, she has sought refuge from one home to another but all this is nothing compared to the fierce and strong spirit she continues to exhibit.