Shamim: Holding onto Hope Amidst Life’s Obstacles

Shamim Namutebi is a transwoman that is determined to rise above whatever hurdles life throws her way. Having started the self-discovery journey as a young child in Primary six, Shamim has seen the walls of jail cells on more than four occasions. She has been lynched and left for dead; in fact she still breathes with difficulty, the people she once called her friends have betrayed and deserted her, she has sought refuge from one home to another but all this is nothing compared to the fierce and strong spirit she continues to exhibit.

Having been forced to leave home, Shamim refused to take the high road to a self-pity party; instead she found employment as a house maid as well as a bar maid. These helped her make ends meet but the people she associated with would soon discover her gender identity and this is how she ended up being arrested for impersonation.

With every turn hitting a dead end, Shamim started contemplating suicide; her father had forbidden her from ever coming home, her mother had had her arrested, her friend had caused a mob attack on her and all hope was quickly being lost.

Opening up and sharing her life story with Kuchu Times, one can see the resilience that is embedded in Shamim’s soul. She has survived a multitude of lows and with rehabilitation from Ice Breakers Uganda and Alive Medical Services, Shamim is now on the road to recovery; she is hopeful and determined to make a better life for herself.

She is open to any kind of employment that will see her cease to rely on the sympathy of organisations and well-wishers.