Bombastic 3rd Edition Launched

Unveiling and Launch of 3rd Edition of Bombastic Magazine

Kuchu Times Media Group (KTMG) is delighted to launch the third edition of Bombastic Magazine. Today's media continues to shy away from queer narratives, and even misrepresents sexual and gender minorities; Bombastic Magazine therefore serves as a s a beacon of hope and a symbol of our resilience and continued effort in “Reclaiming Media” by amplifying queer voice in telling of their LGBTI stories. The Magazine is an anthology of stories, poems, and testimonies on varied topics including but not limited to religion, culture and health, told by the sexual and gender minority community in Uganda.

The third edition focuses on lesbian women- a theme that was particularly zeroed n to help amplify the voices of women as well as reclaim their stance and visibility within both the LGBTI movement as well as the general human rights arena. While it is no secret that the movement was started and pushed to the political sphere by lesbians, they have since taken a back seat and are no longer as aggressive or even as involved as they ought to be. The level of superficial accomplishment has led to an unrealistic belief that women in general have arrived at where they ought to be as far as human rights are concerned- a belief that is further shrinking the spaces within which they are involved.
This edition therefore speaks to this fact- reclaiming the forefront positions and more than ever, fighting for visibility as well as a chance to be more involved in policy changing on the human rights front.

The magazine tackles different issues like domestic violence among lesbians- a trend that is sadly on the rise but remains unaddressed. It also focuses on relationships, sports, health and challenges that come with being a lesbian in Uganda today.

“This publication is a reminder of why women must get out of their comfort zones and reclaim the helm of the human rights spaces. Why have we become reluctant, where are the fiery spirits that shook the world and started movements. Why are we accepting to be relegated to the back of everything that should matter. It is time to put a stop to this and rise up like the warriors we are, we must create change, we must fight relentlessly for our rights,” Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera said of the decision to have a lesbian themed magazine.

This magazine will also shade a light on the accomplishments of some lesbians that remain uncelebrated. With the prejudice and marginalization that is a constant in their lives, these women have managed to achieve everything they have set their minds to- another reminder that we are all capable of doing great things if we decide that is what we want.

We would like to thank all our 35 volunteers for their efforts in distributing the magazine around the country and wish them safety. We also extend our sincere gratitude to all who have supported the magazine from around the world.

Our appreciation also goes to everybody who took the time to contribute to the magazine; we are grateful that you realize the power in our own stories. We specially thank our longtime friend and supporter Frederic Noy for taking time out of his busy schedule to lend us his photography skills- our cover is as awesome as it is because of him. Thank you Noy!

We also thank Chapter four and Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum(HRAPF) for being our legal team. Should anything happen to the volunteers while in the field they will be ready to make sure nothing happens to them. Without all your support this magazine wouldn't have been realized!

To our fellow Ugandans and our readership, we hope you enjoy this edition of the magazine, and hope that it strikes a chord deep within you, to help you open up your mind in how you interrogate and question your understanding of sexuality and gender to help you unlearn, learn and relearn how you relate to and enrich and expand your knowledge on the same.

Kindly note that the magazine is free to all Ugandans and can be found at your local supermarket or through our many volunteers or by contacting us directly. We also have an online copy available HERE for our international online readers.

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