A coalition of pro-LGBTI faith-based organizations and advocates who work at the United Nations are seeking LGBTI/queer religious leaders to speak on the impact of religious intolerance on their lives and the lives of their communities at an event at United Nations headquarters in NY.

The aim of the October 2017 meeting will be to provide a rare platform for representatives of member states and UN stakeholders to hear the theological and ethical arguments for ending violence and discrimination against LGBTI persons.

This will be a high level event where an audience of progressive and conservative religious leaders have agreed to listen and act to end violence and discrimination occurring globally against LGBTI persons and their families.

The “Ethics of Reciprocity” conference will culminate in a “Do No Harm” agreement with a commitment to end violence and discrimination against LGBTI persons around the world.

We are inviting leaders from all religious and spiritual traditions, geographic places, genders, identities, and economic diversity. We would especially like to invite women and indigenous leaders to come forward. Speakers must identify as LGBTI, and do not need to be clergy.

All costs associated with travel and a per diem will be made available. To submit your recommendation please visit, https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdOAz9A53GsG1AV3tBqEFEFOXBdZAE3M7rbdj-EQxGnrZVVVw/viewform?c=0&w=1

Please note that while the conference will be occurring in the secure environment of the UN, it will be a public event. Therefore, agreed upon rules of engagement as well as a conflict management process will be in effect.

for more information or any other enquiries, please write to: Geronimo D. Desumala, III geronimo.desumala@gmail.com