MEN OF THE NIGHT: A Documentary On Male Sex Workers

Men of the Night, an organisation that advocates for the rights and visibility of male sex workers has released the trailer for its documentary also titled ‘MEN OF THE NIGHT’. The documentary is produced by by Douglas, a multi talented media journalist with a keen interest in human rights in Uganda.

The short movie which is a first of its kind focuses on the lives of male sex workers and how they operate in a conservative environment like Uganda.  “ We hope that through this documentary, our government will acknowledge the existence of male sex workers and the challenges we go through as well as incorporate us in their policies,” one of the stars of the short movie reveals what he hopes will come out of the production.

Men of the Night also addresses the problem of HIV/AIDS within the sex workers community and how best to tackle the problem, Asked why the movie is being debuted at a time such as this, one of the characters who features in the documentary says male sex workers are tired of working underground and this is a move to create visibility as well as put faces to their stories and claim their stance in the sex work industry.

The full documentary which will be released on a soon to be communicated date also speaks to the stigma and discrimination suffered by male sex workers. A number of people who feature are opposed to the idea of men turning to sex work as a means of survival; in fact one describes this as ‘utterly ridiculous for a man to hit the streets.’


From the one minute and 42 seconds video clip, it is clear that Men of the Night is a short film to look out for.


men of the night trailer