Day two of the Pride Uganda 2016 festival saw people gather at Queer Youth Uganda where a heated discussion on bisexual and lesbian issues ensued. Discussed were legal matters, health issues, and all things that continue to surround the two minority groups.

Panelists included a bisexual man who attempted to demystify the misunderstandings that surround bisexual individuals. He noted that what is most important is not who one sleeps with but who one is attracted to, that determines ones sexuality. The panel also had a lesbian who spoke about issues that affected these female loving women. She highlighted lack of enough health strategies for lesbians as one of the biggest problems they continue to face.

The health worker on the panel addressed how best to tackle the problems within the LGBTI community as each bracket has its own set of unique  health needs, Also discussed were easy to prevent infections within the LGBTI community and where to go in case a health issue arises.

The legal expert on the panel addressed what to procedures to follow 9n cases of hate crimes, how to deal with adoption and the legal processes that come with it. There was a QnA session that had participants interacting with the panel leaving everybody satisfied and even more content at how the festival was going.

The evening session dubbed Lesbian and Bisexual night was held in one of the posh clubs around town; for a change, LGBTI persons gathered in one place, let loose, danced and partied the night away. The mood was ecstatic, the partiers energized; it was a night that will live in the memories of those in attendance for quite a while. For one night, all troubles faded away, issues of class and status were thrown out the window and Uganda’s gender and sexual minorities merged as one. By the end of the night, the anticipation for the following events was clear; what more could beat this and the organizing committee assured us we hadn’t even started yet.