A DOCUDRAMA OF THE SISTERHOOD: Talking #DaughtersofKeemLove

Keem Love Black, needs very little introduction; she has revolutionalised the ‘transgender pride’ in Uganda and continues to stand tall and walk in her truth. Her most used forum is facebook and her outspoken and ‘ I don’t care’ attitude have earned her quite a following in this space.

Keem has now taken on a new venture that will be breaking ground and giving advocacy a face. Together with her her two co-stars, the three ladies will be the main focus of a 16 episodes mini-documentary highlighting the health issues faced by transgender women in Uganda. This documentary will also have a reality show element as the ladies are expected to give us a sneak peek into their lives and what its like living openly as a trans woman in Uganda.

The show titled Daughters of Keem Love will be showing one of the mostly widely watched television channels; something Ms Keem says gives her great joy and pride. “First of all, having my name in the show’s title was never my idea- it was proposed by one of my co-stars. I’m very proud that I get to use my life to pave way for other transwomen. I’m also very proud that we are using this opportunity to highlight trans issues and advocate for equal treatment,” the beaming and excited Keem said to our field team.

Keem also revealed that she had earlier been approached by a group of people with the idea for a reality show but because they couldn’t agree on certain technicalities, she let it pass. Shortly after that, she was approached by people from a well known university in the United States and the project kicked off- with filming slated to begin early next month.

Keem says that combining HIV/AIDS and transgender advocacy will further help the general masses understand the need for the rights of all sexual and gender minorities to be upheld and respected.She also believes that #DaughtersofKeemLove will bring a humane touch to all issues LGBT; something that the broader society will probably easily identify with.

Asked if this venture might pose security threats for the three ladies, Keem laughs and explains that she is an out and proud transwoman and so are her co-stars. Their neighbours know about their gender identity and since they are not the chaotic type, they’ve avoided security incidents for so long and the show will not change that.

She also hopes that the show will grow into something bigger and probably incorporate different elements of the ladies’ lives. Just like us, Keem can barely wait for the launch of #DaughtersofKeemLove and yes, we agree that this is a new form of advocacy and hopefully, it will create more sensitization on trans issues.