Earlier this year MARPS Network Limited (MNL) announced job vacancies and invited qualified individuals to apply for the relevant positions at their Secretariat. They have now released a list announcing the successful candidates who have taken up the secretariat positions with immediate effect. Below is the MNL Secretariat as it stands and should you need any assistance, they are the people to contact.

Congratulations to the successful individuals and we wish you a great and fruitful tenure as you serve the key population constituencies

Office Assistant: Mr. Taremwa Rogers

Driver: Mr. Ogete John

Administrative Assistant: Mr. Mpagi Innocent

Project Officer: Mr. Wabomba Denis

Advocacy and Liaison Officer: Mrs. Tumusiime Natukunda Shalince

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer: Mr. Kulu Kenneth

Finance Officer: Mr. Akhodia Hedrine

Special Projects Team Leader: Mrs. Mugasho Ayebare Margaret

Network Development Team Leader: Ms. Baguma Eva

Knowledge Management Team Leader: Dr. Namusoke Eva

Grants and Compliance Team Leader: Mr. Bigabwa Duncan

Executive Assistant: Mrs. Mubiru Nantaba Alice

Chief Finance Officer: Mrs. Maneno Namatovu Rebecca

Chief Operations Officer: Mr. Baluku Matayo

Chief Executive Officer: Dr.Mujisha Geoffrey

SPECIAL NOTE FROM MNL: Should you have any compliments or comments about MNL Staff professional conduct as they interact with you or your organisation please feel free to provide feedback regarding. This feedback will inform management on whether the staff are fit to serve you and will partly determine their permanent employment at your Secretariat.