February 2019


TO REVOLUTIONARY TYPE LOVE: Kenya’s Kawira Mwirichia on Boldly Celebrating Queerness

I’d want TRTL to make us a proud community- not the kind of pride people think where we’re going around putting others down, but the kind that allows (and perhaps, even demands) that you occupy your own space wholly. I’d want us to be able to show up in all our flair and magnificence, whatever that looks like for each of us. And I’d want us to be thriving as a community – TRULY thriving. Inside and out.


David Kato Posthumously Given Inaugural Paul Cottingham Trust Award

Fallen Ugandan LGBTQ activist David Kato was on 31st January 2019,  given the first ever Paul Cottingham Trust Award for his work and effort towards bettering the lives of LGBTQ Ugandans. The award which was received by Sexual Minorities Uganda’s Executive Director Dr. Frank Mugisha was handed over by Micheal Cashman at the Kaleidoscope Trust dinner.