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KUCHU TIMES MEDIA GROUP seeks to partner with three active and reputable LGBTI focused organisations to aid in conducting digital media and security trainings. The organisations must be based and have their programs and activities focusing on LGBTI persons living in Western, Northern and Eastern Uganda.  The trainings are meant to equip individuals within these regions with comprehensive digital, media and security skills.


Due to the nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to revise our scope and style of work to effectually execute our mandate without putting either ourselves or our story subjects at any risk.

To continue being able to serve Uganda’s LGBTI movement as a trusted and reliable media house, we will be conducting training sessions across different regions within Uganda i.e. Northern, Eastern and Western, in order to boost skills in video recording and reporting.

The purpose of this training therefore is to equip the selected community members with digital media tools to effectively produce their own work and report stories that directly affect them. During the training, we will be passing on both the technology and skills necessary to document their work, the LGBT movement in their region and how best to use media as a relevant and necessary tool for advocacy.

The participants will also gain skills in audio, photo and/or video documentation which they will, thereafter, use to do on ground reporting as the official Kuchu Times Media Group correspondents within their areas of residence.

The selected organizations must demonstrate their capacity to undertake the task to securely and commendably host this program in their region. The main role as hosting organization will be to identify and vent the interested individuals whose credibility and integrity they can vouch for.

Interested organisations can send in their applications to and copy All applications should be sent before 20TH OCTOBER 2020