Bombastic Magazine Overwhelmed Me-Chronicles of Bombastic Magazine.(5-5)

The first issue of Bombastic Magazine that I set my eyes on left me overwhelmed…in a good way. It was an issue mainly covering Pride events leading up to the Pride march. I had never imagined that in Uganda, there would be a community of queer people so bold, so strong, so resilient that marching even in the face of so much violence was a moment to savor. I remember being filled with so much pride because of this representation in a magazine contributed to, edited and published by us. The journey ahead of us is still very long, but with community like this, it is a journey I look forward to.-Sandra.

This is the last of a series of Chronicles of Bombastic Magazine where readers shared their experiences with the publication. Bombastic Magazine was founded to protect the LGBTIQ community by telling our authentic stories. The 6th Edition of The Bombastic Magazine comes out soon and we cannot wait for our readers to enjoy the stories therein. This year our main focus is on our allies, they get to tell us why they think LGBTIQ people deserve equal human rights just like any other person in Uganda.