With The Birth Of Bombastic Magazine, We Saw A Glimpse Of Light Within The Advocacy Spectrum For LGBTIQ People-Chronicles of Bombastic Magazine.

Uganda has always been one of the most homophobic countries in the world. The laws that govern the country still criminalize LGBTIQ people and sex work. Media houses have been instructed not to publish any content that “promotes” same sex love or any content about the LGBTIQ community whether it is positive or negative.

With these media laws and policies in place, advocacy for the basic rights of LGBTIQ people has been tough. Advocacy can only happen on social media platforms that are accessible to mostly urban dwellers. Now this has also become a great challenge with Facebook being blocked in Uganda.

With the birth of Bombastic Magazine, we saw a glimpse of light within the advocacy spectrum for the LGBTIQ and sex work communities. They opened doors to a new type of activism that saw community members tell their stories that have been published through the Bombastic magazine and Kuchu Times Media Group online radio and TV.

Bombastic Magazine has not only told stories of the community members but it has also trained them on how to use media to do advocacy and tell their own stories.

The experience we have had with Bombastic Magazine has been great because not many people knew about transgender women and sex workers in rural areas. As Masaka Key Population HIV Prevention and Support Organization – MAHIPSO we are grateful for the platform that we have gotten. -Joseph Semanda (Pronouns: They/ Them)