Our stories sound better when told by Us-Chronicles Of Bombastic Magazine.

Kuchu Times Magazine is a reflection of our lives as LGBTIQ people in Uganda. I have been able to read the magazine since 2016.

We have quite a number of LGBTIQ persons and stakeholders across the country and it’s very hard to reach all of them in a single event. Bombastic Magazine has helped to bridge this gap by bringing the community closer through lived experiences shared by different persons in the Magazine.

I have traveled to different parts of the country meeting different LGBTIQ people and some stakeholders during the dissemination of the Magazine and this has given me the opportunity to interface with the community as we share broader discussions centered about the lived realities of the LGBTIQ community in Uganda.

LGBTI organizing in Uganda is still restricted, but Bombastic Magazine continues to connect us as well as giving us hope to continue telling our stories as LGBTIQ people. Our stories sound better when told by us.

Story by Krest Lear (Steven)