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Can You Consult? Check This Out.

Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum – HRAPF with funding from Global Fund will develop a community-level reporting tool. The tool developed is intended to enhance community-level documentation of human rights violations.

According to the organization, the most common right perpetuated against key populations is the right to liberty, through prolonged detention and arbitrary arrests. Often these violations are undocumented due to the fact there is insufficient knowledge about the rights or a lack of a proper tool for the monitoring and documentation of the rights violated.

The organization adds that, community monitoring is a very important tool and increases people’s awareness of their rights. Unfortunately, there have been no tools or extensive education on monitoring human rights violations for community members with the data collection and monitoring left to the “experts”. It should be noted that individuals in the community have the most detailed and intimate knowledge of the nature and extent of their human rights situation and understand the impact of the interventions on their lives.

It is on this note that the organization is seeking a consultant to develop the monitoring tool. The prospective consultant will be selected based on their proven experience, qualifications, and ability to deliver good quality work in a timely and efficient manner.

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