Nakivale Camp Shattered Over Homophobic Killing.

By Gabriel Mugaruka.

A gay man has been killed.

We have just lost a member of the LGBTIQ community

He was killed on Sunday 26th December 2021 at 10 pm in Nakivale settlement.

The reason was homophobia in the Nakivale camps.

A great angel is flying through the stars in the sky. Darius Safari was born in Uganda and lost his life through ignorance and violence.

Darius is a victim of this world that oppresses people for being who they are.

We reinforce the importance of valuing life, human rights, education, respect and freedom.

The walk continues. Our soldier was brought down, but his existence will always be remembered.

We will always love you, Now you are in God’s hands.

Darius now you shine like a star across the skies.

Stay in power dear

Say no to violence.

Say no to homophobia.

Gabriel Mugaruka is the Executive Director of the Human Rights Defenders Solidarity Network Uganda.