2022 Is The Year For Us Masaka Queer Community Say!

Kuchu Times Media Group has partnered with Masaka Regional Key Populations Network in a bid to bring more visibility to Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer and Transgender (LBQT) women in the rural region of Masaka. The campaign with the theme “We are women” is aimed at challenging political debate and misconceptions toward LBQT women body anatomy that may lead to denial of representation in some spaces of influence.

According to the head of the network Roderick Hydiz, creating awareness about LBQT women in the rural region of Masaka would give them confidence to venture into new spaces where they can have access to new audiences and better funding opportunities.

Within the campaign we also hope to address Sexual and Gender Based (SGBV) that the LBQT women in Masaka go through. During the COVID-19 lockdown the cases of SGBV are said to have gone up. According to Rose Apondi HIV-prevention specialist with the Center for Disease Control in Kampala, Uganda when compared with the 6-month period before the lockdown in 2020. In the six months before COVID-19, 17,702 women reported for post-rape care and during COVID-19, 22,013 women sought post-rape care, this represents a 24% increase in post-rape reports during the pandemic in Uganda, hence the need to shine a light on the dangers of SGBV against LBQT women in Uganda.