The Rainbow Table Talk Series – Rights 4 Her Uganda

By Winfred Mugambwa.

Rights 4 Her Uganda have launched the Rainbow Table Talk with the Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer (LBQ) community where we discussed Gender Based Violence in relation to Security and Mental Health, delving into our different perceptions and how best we can equip ourselves better to deal with the issues that affect us.

With the different journeys that our LBQ community is constantly facing, our perceptions and context is constantly dismissed. This is courtesy of the different environmental factors that have greatly contributed to how we live, survive, learn or cope as individuals in our Community. Each one’s narrative of how we live and survive through this discriminative society ought to be tabled.

At the Rainbow Table Talk Series, we will continue to share and discuss our different paths towards the issues that constantly affect us. Seeking to unlearn and learn through the shared understanding of how best we may tackle a safe secure route of living as LBQT persons.

Winfred is the Executive Director at Rights 4 Her.