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COVID-19 Has Been Really Tough on LGBTQ Ugandans-A candid Interview with Dr Frank Mugisha A Human Rights Defender.

Today Kuchu Times Media Group editorial team met with Dr Frank Mugisha the Executive Director Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) to document his story on how COVID-19 has affected him thus far as a human rights defender.

“When COVID-19 hit, I was really concerned about Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Ugandans. I decided to do and extensive research on what COVID-19 is and how it would affect us. I spoke to many doctors on the matter in an attempt to understand how we would go about the pandemic.” Says Dr Frank Mugisha.

He added that With COVID-19 came a spate of mental health needs within the LGBTIQ community in Uganda. This is why as SMUG they are doing all they can to provide mental healthcare for the LGBTQ community in Uganda.

“People are struggling because of lack of food, being outed by family members, being stuck in abusive relationships and not having anywhere to go because of government directives to stay indoors, quarantining on their own among other issues. This is why we work with a group of psychologists who offer sessions to our clients.” He said.

Dr Frank added, “I remember having to deliver food door to door for LGBTQ Ugandans who reached out to me, this was a different experience for me because this time instead of them coming here at our office to meet with me, I was going to their homes. During those drives I’d be alone driving on empty streets and it felt like a ghost town because Kampala is usually full of people with welcoming smiles, not seeing that took quite the toll on me. I was however happy within my heart because I thought I was doing a good thing.”

To read more of this story, look out for the 7th edition of The Bombastic Magazine coming out soon.