Is Self Reflection The Way Forward For LBQ Leaders?

Rights 4 Her Uganda under the WeRecover Project held a Leadership Experience Retreat in partnership with CivSource Africa. The retreat that was made of Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Ugandans was aimed at self-reflection and rejuvenation of LBQ leaders in a bid to clear our minds so we could serve the community better.

Self-reflection and wellness builds onto self-awareness, self-love and healing. Organization wellness begins with one’s wellness hence the need for leaders to pause and rejuvenate. This involves reminding ourselves of the love we need to fuel our daily presence. With the Leadership Experience Retreat, we focused on who and what we are, through revisiting wellness skills that refuel us.

Speaking at the event, Winifred Mugambwa the team leader Rights 4 Her said, “As we work towards serving our communities, we tend to drift away from our own personal wellness. Many times we are unaware of the traumas we carry with us due to not only the environmental factors but also the spaces we serve. For a leader to serve best, they ought to start with themselves.”

The CEO CivSource Jackie Asiimwe said, “Out of the fullest of your heart, the mouth speaks self-reflection and wellness builds onto self-awareness, self-love and healing which enables one to live healthily and cautiously allowing us to follow our heart’s desires.”

After the retreat the LBQ women formed The Fire Siblings group where we constantly reassure each other of our worth and share our troubles and wins daily.