Accelerating LBTQ+ SRHR Services Campaign.

The sex lives of LBTQ persons make for good adult material content but we find that people are never concerned enough to care for the sexual health of these individuals. The conversation suddenly comes to a stop when it’s no longer feeding fetishes and involves discussions on accessibility or demand of quality sexual reproductive health care. As far as the sexual and gender diverse spectrum goes, LBQT individuals often find themselves at fhe forgotten end of services provisions.

It is from this continuous observation and the issues that keep coming up in the stories we cover that Kuchu Times Media Group with support from Urgent Action Fund Africa is running a campaign to accelerate LBTQ SRHR services demand. The aim of this campaign is to highlight the realities of LBTQ persons in their efforts to seek SRHR services, the gaps, and find solutions to the bottlenecks in demand for services.

It is also to provide a solution to the old song that claims there is no data to support the SRHR needs LBTQ persons ‘claim’ to have. We are certain that this awareness campaign will ensure LBTQ persons are more enlightened on first of all their SRHR rights, places they can receive this support. We also hope to influence duty bearers to work towards changing discriminatory policies.

You can participate in this campaign in the following ways;

1. As an LBTQ person, we shall share an online survey form to fill; kindly respond to this call.
2. As LBTQ organizations, we would love to have conversations with your members and team, reach out to us to schedule these conversations.

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