February 2023

News Promotional

Transgender Equality Uganda (TEU) Holds Feminist Building and Wellness Forum

Transgender Equality Uganda held a two day feminist and movement building forum from the 14th to the 15th February, 2023. The forum was aimed at building a collective vision and share perspectives to catalyze national effort, to address and prevent Gender Based Violence (GBV) committed against LBTQ women and female sex workers, revising strategies to promote SRHR justice, growth, healing and transformation healing as a movement. Revising strategies to reclaim the shrinking spaces for LBTQ women and female ex workers within the movement.



Predicted headline; March 1st, 2023 “We have outlawed the rainbow because it has been discovered that homosexuals paint the sky!” It sounds ridiculous but then again so was repainting a children’s park because the colors were apparently about homosexuality or claiming bata is selling shoes that can turn you gay. The whole country has been thrown into gay panic to the extent that certain schools have come up with a policy on homosexuality hanging on their walls and are signing petitions to outlaw the rainbow.


Uganda Ends UN Human Rights Office Mandate.

The office has been in talks with the government of Uganda about the terms of their continuance in the country and on January 4, 2023 sent an application for the renewal of the Host Country Agreement between the government of Uganda and the mandate. The ministry of internal affairs however says that given the strong government commitment to the promotion and protection of Human Rights, the prevailing peace throughout the country, coupled with strong National Human Rights Institutions and a vibrant Civil Society — with the capacity to monitor the promotion and protection of human rights throughout the country, it can no longer renew the mandate beyond the current term.

International News

Homophobic Attack on LGBTQ+ Activist As He is Installed As a Chief in Ghana.

Speaking to Ugandan LGBTQ+ activist Kasha Jacquilne Nabageresa, this is what she had to say about Davis, “I have worked with Davis for so many years and one thing about him is that he is so development oriented. He doesn’t only concentrate on his activism but all round social activism. I have followed his journey to become a chief for years now. I actually envy that community because I wish it was happening in my own backyard.


LGBT+ History Month; Stand With LGBT+ Allies

Over the years of the LGBT+ movement, there have been friends made along the way who have dedicated their resources to fight against the prevalent discrimination of sexual and gender diverse persons in Uganda. The fruits from these allies and friendships that have been formed along the way are evident as for example, as of COP 2020, Uganda’s HIV/AIDS response recognizes and provides support to men who have sex with men and transgender persons. This among many milestones the community would not have reached on her own.