Predicted headline; March 1st, 2023 “We have outlawed the rainbow because it has been discovered that homosexuals paint the sky!” It sounds ridiculous but then again so was repainting a children’s park because the colors were apparently about homosexuality or claiming bata is selling shoes that can turn you gay. The whole country has been thrown into gay panic to the extent that certain schools have come up with a policy on homosexuality hanging on their walls and are signing petitions to outlaw the rainbow. The same religion that taught you hate towards LGBT+ and taught you derogative words like sodomoy has changed its mind and now you are allover sudden big on Africa morals?!

Human rights activists who have been advocating for equal rights for sexual and gender diverse persons tell us this is not the first time this is happening. Matter of fact, gay panic in Uganda has never really died out but like the pandemic that it is, it peaks, drops plateaus. Like any pandemic sadly lives are lost, propaganda is spread (side eyeing those vaccines will turn you into zombies’ people) and like any other pandemic the lives of those who remain are not left the same. We are currently living in the peak time of this gay panic.

Ruth Muganzi the programs director of Kuchu Times Media Group had this to say about the panic, “Those of us who were already part of the fight 10 years ago are living in a dejavu moment; we have been here before severally in fact. People say we need not panic and just let it blow over but the problem is it always blows over and never leaves the community the same. Look at David Kato who is remembered as the father of the movement in Uganda, the wave instigated by Rolling Stone then blew over with his life!”

The whole country has been thrown into gay panic as decoy for all the things going wrong and we have bitten the bait. The gay community of Uganda has the same questions as the rest of the country. What happened to the teacher who was allegedly accused of defiling a student? What happened to the NSSF card money?? Most importantly what is the gay panic a decoy for???!!!!!

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