#AmongYou Demystifying Campaign

The concept of the universe is that people are entitled to the benefit of doubt. It is also important to say you gave your all to educate the masses and they were deliberate to remain ignorant. The current smear campaign by the anti-gay proponents and their agents is unfortunately starting to bear fruits at the expense of a sector of the population. There are reports of lynchings, evictions, unlawful termination of employment and a string of mental health issues. Although Uganda has never been a utopia for LGBT+ persons, the current times have just made a bad situation worse.

The fact that a big fraction of Ugandans have not knowingly interacted with a queer person leaves these allegations easy to adopt as gospel truth. Kuchu Times Media Group as the community media platform whose goal is to demystify the myths around the sexual and gender diverse community will be running a campaign telling the lived realities of LGBTIQ+ persons. We shall be featuring stories that ago as far as the first issue of Bombastic magazine. The aim is this campaign is to introduce you to the sexual and gender diverse community of Uganda away from the current smear campaign.

These stories are the libraries that you will enter to really learn about the lived relites of a community that has been severely misrepresented. Twice a week we shall a feature story from a willing community members. To get involved in this campaign, follow the hashtag #AmongYou across all our social media platforms. You could also direct message us to submit your story.