January 2015

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UGANDA: Key affected populations in Uganda nominate their representatives to the Global Fund CCM.

Members from the minority communities (the sex workers, MSM, LGBTI and drug users) in Uganda convened at Grand Global Hotel on the 29th of Jan 2015 to nominate their representatives to Global Fund country coordinating mechanism. This comes after the results in the first nominations were contested against by the members of the key affected populations that there was ingenuity in the selection process and decided to re-do the process through a fair and balanced nomination process.

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KENYA: Gay Safari

As an openly gay, I have had to put up with some rhetorical questions and by explaining myself and describing gay sex to curious strangers and onlookers because of how I dress and walk who I hang out with or go to bed with,what I order on the menu, where I go out and why I do so. Spwaking from gay point of view, the following are the things I’ve had to do to avoid or to escape unnecessary attentions and confrontations during my day to day activities.

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AFRICA: Why do I have to carry and hold my heart in my hands while I open my eyes widest due to fear?

A mad man is dirty only if he is your distant relative. I used to think, I would kill a baby born
with mental disability until one of my sisters was born mental incapacitation. Homosexuals are
evil only if they are not your children or family members! Before you preach hate to
homosexuals, worry about your children, one of them could be part of the minority. It is African
to be tolerant, so accept members of our brotherhood into our homes. They don’t need any
special form of attention or care all they need is love. Just like HIV positive members of society,
all that homosexuals need is acceptance!

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UGANDA: A Day of Remembrance for David Kato

As it has become tradition, today members of the Ugandan LGBTI community convened at Icebreakers Uganda – IBU premises to remember the life of the first gay man to openly advocate for rights of LGBTI Ugandans. With the theme “Your Legacy Lives On” more than 50 community members and allies gathered to share their experiences working and knowing DKK .

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UGANDA: Reflections and flashback from attending a three day anti-gay conference in 2009

Ugandan activist Kasha Jacqueline from Freedom and Roam Uganda writes about her experiences at a 2009 anti-gay conference. KAMPALA – “Homosexuality comes from a background of anger and pain.”—that was the theme of the anti-gay seminar in Kampala, Uganda. The facilitators and guest speakers referred to anger, pain, and wounds to help answer many of […]

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US: Former ‘ex-gay’ leader gets married… to a man

The former director of an ‘ex-gay’ group, who claimed to have been cured of homosexuality, has married his same-sex partner. John Smid served as the director of Love in Action, and for 11 years sat on the board of Christian ‘gay cure’ group Exodus International. The former activist quit the group in 2008 and later apologised for […]