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KEEM LOVE BLACK Gears Up to Handover Miss Pride Crown


By Our Pride Correspondent

One of the most anticipated events during this year’s PRIDE celebrations is the Mr and Miss UGANDA PRIDE 2015 pageant. With the excitement building up and the LGBTI community getting their rainbow and solidarity goodies in place, Kuchu Times sought out reigning beauty queen Keem Love Black who expounded on her reign.

We also spoke to one of the chief organisers Ritah M Springkiss who revealed why there is such a fuss about the 2015 Mr and Miss Pride contest. She explained that unlike the previous contest, all categories of the LGBTI community had been included to further uphold this year’s theme, WE are family.

The contest which has attracted over 23 contestants will be have four fashion acclaimed judges and they will base their decision on the formers’ intellect, stage presence, performance, and their various rainbow themed rainbow attire.

Below is the excerpt of our chat with outgoing Miss Pride, Keem Black.

KT: Describe your experience as the reigning beauty queen of Uganda’s LGBTI community?

KLB: The experience has been very overwhelming because many young people now look up to me and seek advice on different aspects of life.

KT: Why do you think you have held this title for three years running?

KLB: I’ve had this title for a while because of my confidence and love for my country but most especially because I am greatly supported by the community.

KT: What has been your biggest achievement as a title holder?

KLB: I have been exposed to the international scene and recognized within the community but I’d say the greatest achievement so far has been working and mentoring the upcoming queens.

KT: What will be different about this year’s pageant in comparison to previous years?

KLB: There is a big difference: this time round, winners will be given gifts and the competition is much tighter. I must say we have grown also bigger and better in number and organisation.

KT: Are you excited to hand over the crown or is it a bitter moment for you?

KLB: I can barely contain my excitement and can’t wait because this time, the whole show will be documented. It will be a very memorable moment for me I’m sure.

KT: How would you like to be remembered in regards to having been Miss Pride Uganda?

KLB: I would like to be remembered as the most diligent queen and I will continue to serve this event on an organizational level as well as mentoring the next queens.