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Times shall come and pass

The nights will melt to mornings

Rivers will overflow and erode the earths

Mountains will erupt to give way to fertile soils

The sun will rise and set

Everything else will be history but my choice will stay!

I have chosen to love you with all of me and today I affirm my commitment.


It is not for your beautiful teeth that light my darkness

Not for the warmth your breasts cover me with

Not for the happiness your warm hands embrace me with

Not even for the comfort I derive from your arms; the place I call home!

Nor for your nipples that pierce me awake

Nor for the honesty your eyes read


But for the love I have: for I am not loving unless I am loving you!

For the home I have found; I am homeless unless your heart shelters me

For this satisfaction I feel; I am restless unless I am held into your arms.

I have made the choice; the choice to love you with all of me

I will not love you now or tomorrow or the future

I won’t love you forever; for forever is so short a time

I have chosen to love you for eternity!


The others will be there;

They will pierce you in the eye

They will make you feel like they own me

They will only have me for a while for,

I have chosen to spend the rest of my life with you


I know sometime the flowers will wither

The scent of my perfume will expire

My writings will be erased

The chains of your love will not hold me to custody any longer

Your tears will flow; just for me

Sometimes you will feel betrayed

All chapters will close but this book we have opened,

We won’t complete its readership

I have chosen to be for you; no one else but you.


Don’t worry about our meager resources

The distance between us

The future knots hard to untie

The uncertainties of tomorrow

The waves that may capsize our small boat

Only worry about my choice

I have chosen to love and to love only you.


Sometimes I will regret

I will wish I hadn’t made you my choice

I will fall off from my track of faith

I will sit and cry out loud but,

I know my soul will answer me

It will remind me of this choice I make

This choice; for better or worse

For richer or poorer

Stronger or weaker

Cleaner or murky

Greater or lesser

Happier or sadder

I have chosen you!


My heart may mutate

My promise may die

My words may not hold any longer

My strength may weaken

But my choice will stay

I have chosen you forever!


I have chosen you for a sister,

For a friend

For a companion

For a soul mate

For a partner

For a lover

For a life time you will be part of me!

I will smile for only you!

Will you then take home??