Limpopo Witnesses First Open Gay Wedding

The happy couple after tying the knot
The happy couple after tying the knot

Given and Ntabi Vhuromo tied the knot in Polokwane in what is believed to be Polokwane first gay wedding at the weekend.

MARTHA Rachoane of GaMphalele Limpopo looked on proudly as her gay son Nthabiseng Sello Rachoene danced down the aisle in a puffy white wedding dress and a bouquet of pink roses.

Sello ties the knot with Given Vhuromo of Vuwani – Venda – in what is believed to be Limpopo’s first gay white wedding ceremony this past Saturday.

The heightened drama leading up to the ceremony which was held in Polokwane is expected to be aired on the popular reality television show Our Perfect Wedding in the coming weeks.

Affectionately known to friends and relatives as Sesi (sister) Nthabi, Sello now identifies as a lady. Like a true Makoti, also spotting a bright red lipstick, the bride walked down the aisle shyly as she danced her way into the decorated tent followed by three bridesmaids spotting orange tutus and high-heeled shoes.

Same sex marriages remain taboo in South African Society despite the passing of the Civil Union Act in 2006 making these unions legal.

In 2013 the traditional wedding of Thoba Sithole and Cameron Modisane sparked controversy with some cultural activists saying gay marriages is un-African.

Rachoene explained that her son’s wedding had received a lot of opposition from some family members but this had not stopped her from showing the couple support.

“This has shocked the family but I am so happy for my child. I never thought I would ever see my first son getting married in a white dress. But this is the gift God has given me. I have accepted it.”

Earlier that morning while Nthabi was getting ready for her big day, she shared with Sowetan how a trip to the supermarket in April led her straight to the Love of her life. In May Vhuromo proposed.

“This is the first gay white wedding around here. We have led the way. More weddings like this will follow after this, “ Nthabi said.

When the booked pastor failed to turn up, the couple’s friend Lozzi Nkgudi, also gay, took over.

“Even if they hate us Lord, we will continue,” he said as he prayed to God to bless the wedding.

“this is the day I have Chosen to marry Nthabi and show her that I really love her,” Vhuromo said.

The union was sealed with a passionate kiss that rocked the venue.

Sourced from southafricaltestnews