September 2016

Archived Opportunities


The mental health program uses counselling and counsellor-led activities such as group therapies. We are looking for a psychologist to lead mental health activities. The successful candidate will undergo probation for a period of three months (October 2016- December 2016); after which he/she will be our lead counsellor in the mental health programs in 2017 upon satisfactory performance.


SASHA: From Congo, through Burundi to Uganda in Search of Acceptance and Peace

Because all the money she had had been spent on hotel fares, she was left with no option but to flee to Nakivale refugee camp in western Uganda and there she found other LGBTI refugees from Congo and Burundi. After three months in the camp, the anal scars ruptured and the Angels Refugee support group an organization that supports LGBTI refugees in Uganda was called in to help.


Rainbow Mirrors in Fundraising Drive for Second Annual Production

Asked what her vision for Slaved Up is, Rainbow Mirror’s ED Abdul Jamal sad she sees the event as an empowering point for transgender persons, through the use of visual and performing arts for global justice and social change. She further explained that the objectives of the event were to share ideas, knowledge and experiences for social communal change, develop cooperation and partnerships between community members and different service providers, create a platform for communication through visual and performing arts.

Archived Opportunities

OPPORTUNITY: HURIDOCS Seeks new Executive Director effective immediately.

HURIDOCS (Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems, International) is an international NGO based in Geneva, Switzerland. Since its establishment in 1982, its focus has been to provide advice and assistance to human rights organisations in developing best practices for their documentation work, as well as providing digital solutions for the management and analysis of their human rights information.

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