Rainbow Mirrors in Fundraising Drive for Second Annual Production

Rainbow Mirror's ED Abdu Jamal
Rainbow Mirror’s ED Abdu Jamal

Rainbow Mirrors, a group that is dedicated to bettering the lives of transgender youth in Uganda is in the process of organizing their second advocacy event which is mainly fore-fronted by the drama section of the group. This year’s event dubbed Slaved Up will be a follow up to their 2015 production, ‘Behind the Closet’.

This year’s event will have performances from different artists, an educative stage play, fashion exhibitions, handcraft showcase, poems, and different dance recitals.  To make this event a reality, Rainbow Mirrors is currently fundraising to help raise funds to make this year’s event a success. One of the activities for this year’s event will be a photo shoot that will be captured in different locations in Kampala with different trans models. The theme will be models in chains to further emphasize their Slaved Up theme. The captured pictures will also be showcased at the Slaved Up event.

Rainbow Mirrors is also using the show as an advocacy tool and it is upon this that they have passed on invitations to Uganda Human Rights Commission, Equal Opportunities Commission, Ministry of Health and the Uganda Police. They hope that this involvement of stakeholders will provide the right information regarding transgender persons as well as open platforms for dialogue.

Asked what her vision for Slaved Up is, Rainbow Mirror’s ED Abdul Jamal sad she sees the event as an empowering point for transgender persons, through the use of visual and performing arts for global justice and social change.  She further explained that the objectives of the event were to share ideas, knowledge and experiences for social communal change, develop cooperation and partnerships between community members and different service providers, create a platform for communication through visual and performing arts.

She also said Rainbow Mirrors will be launching their savings and cooperative association on the same day. Slaved Up is slated to take place on 9th December 2016 at RAM bar and Restaurant.

To contribute to the Slaved Up event, please use the following forums

 BANK: Stanbic BANK Nakasero

Branch Kampala Account Name: Organisation for Gender empowerment and Rights Advocacy Limited.

Account No. 9030011990613



TEL NO. +256 782 157 211



TEL NO. (MTN) +256 782 157 211



TEL NO. (MTN) +256 782 157 211 or (Airtel) +256 706 057 211

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