June 2017


Spectrum Initiative Uganda Holds Consultative Meeting With MOH On Key Population Health Needs

Moses Kimbugwe the Programs Director at Spectrum Initiative Uganda, said the meeting was very positive and it is one of many that will help bridge the gap between health service delivery and key populations. He explained that the Ministry of Health has shown willingness in working with the HIV/AIDS Parliamentary Committee to have a budget line specifically targeting key populations as well as fighting stigma towards HIV and KPs in the wider population.


US Court states that Scott Lively’s Actions to Demonize LGBTI Ugandans are Unlawful as it Dismisses Case on Technical Grounds

To highlight Dr Mugisha’s point, the ruling further states that ‘Anyone reading this memorandum should make no mistake. The question before the court is not whether Defendant’s actions in aiding and abetting efforts to demonize, intimidate, and injure LGBTI people in Uganda constitute violations of international law. They do.



“The younger generations are very homophobic in Uganda. Much is the fault of the schools, where they give talks of more than five hours talking about the evils of homosexuality washing the brain. In addition, Uganda is a very religious country and church preachers speak with much hatred towards us. But we have decided to speak for ourselves, to say that we are here and that we exist, and to end fear and prejudice. “