October 2017


CHAPLAIN DENNIS IRAGUHA – Preaching the Gospel of Inclusiveness

Chaplain Iraguha Dennis, has stood the test of time; he has been there from the earliest years of the movement. He now mainly focuses on spiritual nourishment of his peers within the Ugandan LGBT community and preaches the gospel of inclusiveness to other religious heads. On 26/10/2017, Kuchu Times talked to the Chaplain about his personal dreams and hopes for the movement, at large.


CSOs Speak Up Against Ongoing State Abuse of their Civic Rights

A number of CSOs inclusive of religious organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations ( NGOs), and  professionals bodies, came together on 24th October 2017, to castigate the state and other players for abusing the basic rights of Ugandans as well as hindrance of various organizations from carrying out their mandate without state interference.


CHESA AND ISLA Speak Out on the Unlawful Arrests in Tanzania

On Tuesday, 17 October 2017, a legal consultation convened by the Initiative for Strategic Litigation in Africa (ISLA) and Community Health Services and Advocacy (CHESA) was raided by the Tanzanian Police. The consultation was convened in order to get more instructions and evidence on a case that we plan to file before a court. The case concerns a challenge to government’s decision to limit the provision of certain health services that it had previously provided.



The biggest barrier is trust or lack thereof; people in the closet are always fearful that perhaps we have wrong intentions and will out them at certain point. I have tried to reach out to many people but it is very difficult to garner their trust- a person confirms an appointment with you and later cancels it out because they are scared. I however understand their position and I will be patient.

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