Slaved Up, a Rainbow Mirrors annual event started in 2015 to provide an outlet for their talented transgender members.

 The event is organized by Rainbow Mirrors Uganda; it mainly focuses on fashion exhibitions, and a themed theatrical drama.  Rainbow Mirrors also holds an award giving ceremony during the event- they recognise  individuals and organizations that have worked towards improving the livelihoods of the sexual and gender minorities in the country.

This year, Rainbow Mirrors Uganda will be showcasing its products which include  wine and farm products; they will also be launching Rainbow Mirrors Saving and Cooperative Society.  

The 2017 theme is   liberation of transgender people in relationship to their social and economic status. To further push their advocacy work, Rainbow Mirrors will have several   civil society organisations on board. These will have booths where they will  showcase their work and products.

Ms. Kambugu Cleopatra is expected to the Chief guest and “The Pearl of Africa’ a documentary based on her transition,  will be showing alongside several transgender-highlighting movies.

 Slaved Up 2017 will take place on the 20th December 2017    

Vision of Rainbow Mirrors Annual Event

T^o be recognized globally as first transgender advocacy drive event in integrating arts as way for liberation of the transgender community in Uganda. .

Mission Rainbow Mirrors Annual Event

To enrich lives by creating and presenting exceptional arts experiences and connecting them to the Transgender community and beyond.

Events goal

Empowering the transgender community with skills through visual arts and performing arts for global justice and social change.

Events objectives.

  • To share ideas, knowledge and experiences for social change in the community.
  • To develop cooperation and partnership between the community members and the different service providers as well as networking on the issues affecting the general transgender community.
  • To create a platform of communication through visual and performing arts of the transgender persons.