HRAPF BREAK-IN: CSOs Hold Peaceful Demonstration

Following the near fatal break-in into the Namirembe based offices of Human Rights Promotion and Awareness Forum (HRAPF) last week, several human rights activists yesterday took to a peaceful demonstration to demand thorough investigations into these break-ins that have been a frequent occurrence in the human rights fraternity.

Following the break-in and assault of two security guards, HRAPF together with other allies from the civil society fraternity held a press briefing to highlight the events that left their office premises broken into and two security guards critically injured.

Most of these speakers called upon the police to thoroughly investigate these rampant office break-ins happening at various office premises of civil society organisations and also asked police to always come out with conclusive reports after these investigations. These also expressed their consternation about the current state of insecurities all around the country with many people being attacked, abducted, raped, injured or left killed.

Mr. Adrian Juuko the Executive Director of HRAPF revealed that that effective 12th February 2018, HRAPF would shift its operations to Old Kampala Police station.

“I am a professional lawyer and I have been doing my work as a lawyer but this is too much, I think it is high time I resort to activism, the good thing am a very good activist, starting next week on Monday, we shall take our office to Old Kampala police station such that we demand the police to act. We call upon you our allies to join us in this peaceful demonstration next week.”-Adrian Juuko told the press. (Full Press Statement attached)


Led by the Executive Director of HRAPF, Adrian Jjuko, the activists staged a peaceful demonstration at Old Kampala Police Station. Two people were arrested and were later released. Below is a video of what transpired during tyhe peaceful demonstration.