Rainbow Mirrors Uganda in partnership with the Friends of Canon Gideon vocational Center with support from Positive Action and American Jewish service secured a grant for 2019/ 2020 to run a vocational center at the offices of Rainbow Mirrors Uganda .

The project titled Transformation of the Lives of Trans women Sexworkers in Uganda intends to conduct vocational skills trainings and organize financial literacy sessions. Through the certificates of completion from the institute provided to transgender women and transgender sex workers we will determine those who have successfully completed the vocational course and are ready to be supported to start up their business/ventures in groups and through documentation will determine how many transgender women and sex workers have been employed in the informal and formal sectors with proof of their job contract/ appointment letters.

Anticipated Outcome: To increase the number of self-sustainable, reliable and long term business, job creations to improve the lives of transgender women & sex workers economically.

Nomination Requirements: Applicants should be Ugandan, experienced in Key population Programming  and must have worked with Trans women before. Please send your cv attached to your letter of Expression.

Nomination Process:

  1. a) It is from the above information that Rainbow Mirrors Uganda calls for expression of interest to all partners to join their vetting committee . This notice will run on partners emails and the RMU social Media Platforms for potentials applicants to apply due the 1st July 2019 at 5pm to rainbowmirrors78@gmail.com .
  2. b) The Vetting Committee will review and evaluate the incoming applications to select and shortlist the nominees to present their interest to take part in the Vocational skills Training program for our members  . It is considered that background checks will be done to ensure that any nominee presented has all the requirements.


i) Integrity and honesty

ii) Commitment

iii) Inter-personal skills

iv) Good communication skills

v) Innovation and risk-taking

vi) Leading, engaging and nurturing

vii) Sound judgement

viii) Good analytical skills