Rainbow mirrors Uganda (RMU) is a youth Trans women sex work led Non-governmental organization that was established in 2015 and registered as a company limited by guarantee to support and enable young Transgender women sex workers to create programs and influence policies in the areas of gender, sexuality, health, and education. The organization promotes, protects and advances young Transgender women sex workers’ human rights by building leadership, strengthening trans women sex workers capacity, supporting transgender women sex workers’ led   initiatives   and   movements. By inspiring and engaging young Transgender women sex workers, Rainbow Mirrors strives to end discrimination against Trans women sex workers and realize a society that achieves fundamental fairness and equality for all.





The Finance Officer will verify, process transactions, monitor, report and maintain financial data/ information ensure staff compliance to the finance policies, International accounting standards and other statutory requirements and verify authenticity of payments and accountability documents and process financial transactions for Rainbow Mirrors Uganda Limited in line with Rainbow Mirrors Uganda Limited policies, International Accounting Standards, statutory requirements and Best practice.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

Approves payments, purchase authorizations and other financial transactions to ensure compliance with staff rules, financial rules and implementing instruments/authority.

Supervises the preparation of the end of month accounts before forwarding them to donors and or Principal recipients

In close coordination with the administrative and programs Sections, maintains a system to monitor and forecast cash requirements to meet administrative and project expenditures. Establishes monthly cash requirements for the office.

Constantly reviews banking arrangements to ensure timely transfer of funds and minimize exchange loses and bank charges

The Finance Officer Reports directly to the Executive Director. He/She should also exhibit; managerial and financial competencies as outlined below;


  1. Managerial Competencies

Demonstrates the ability to agree objectives and competencies with staff which will support achievement of the office's plans, and to provide them with feedback on their performance


In order to achieve results, managers need to set the direction, focus staff members on specific objectives, and monitor and support their performance. A performance appraisal process, properly applied, can be a vital tool in managing and improving the performance of staff to achieve the operation's objectives and meet required standards of performance.


  • Guides staff in understanding operational priorities for the period in question, and agrees objectives with them which reflect these priorities.
  • Guides staff in understanding the competencies required in the job as a whole.
  • Gives regular, constructive feedback on performance which is aimed at helping the staff member to capitalize on strengths and improve performance in areas of need, and carries out a timely mid-term progress review.
  • Appraises the performance of staff honestly, fairly and consistently, respecting Rainbow Mirrors Uganda Limited’s guidance on applying the appraisal process (e.g. timing, application of rating scale etc).
  • Gives staff with performance difficulties every reasonable opportunity and assistance to improve, but always addresses the problem directly, using the appropriate procedures.
  • Takes responsibility as Reviewing Officer for ensuring that the appraisal process is correctly carried out by supervisors, and appraising their performance fairly as a result.

Demonstrates the ability to plan and use resources (people and/or finance and/or physical assets) in accordance with Rainbow Mirrors Uganda Limited’s guidelines and delegated accountability so that objectives are achieved in the most effective manner possible.


Resources are limited and must be used to the best effect for the benefit of community of Transgender women and sex workers such that the vision and mission of the organization are met.


Uses the agreed strategic direction for the area of responsibility to identify, prioritize and plan resource requirements as accurately and as early as possible.

Identifies the resources currently in place which would support achievement of the strategic direction and puts plans in place to gain additional resources if required.

Establishes 'indicators' to monitor the progress and effectiveness of plans and use of resources.

Monitors the use of resources to ensure they are in line with Rainbow Mirrors Uganda Limited’s rules and  guidelines, and adjusts resource plans as required in response to changing circumstances.

Reviews and evaluates achievements to enhance future planning and resource utilization.

  1. Functional Competencies

Demonstrates the ability to apply and interpret Financial Rules and Regulations, and/or Administrative Procedures and Policies correctly to effectively monitor all types of Rainbow Mirrors Uganda Limited expenditures and to recommend changes and developments where appropriate.


  • Takes time to read and understand Financial Rules, Regulations and Policies and/or Administrative Funds
  • Policies relating to own area of work, so as to be able to apply them properly in day to day activities without constant reference to manuals or other staff.
  • Maintains an awareness of changes in Rules and Policies, assesses the implications of these changes and modifies own and/or office practices accordingly.
  • Makes a well-founded judgement on an appropriate course of action when existing Procedures and Policies prove incompatible with the local situation or country practices, e.g. requests approval for exception, or assesses and makes proposals for changes to policy.
  • Keeps in touch with external best practice in finance and accounting at the appropriate level in order to complement current Rainbow Mirrors Uganda Limited practices, and contribute to policy development.

Demonstrates the ability to oversee the activities of the different functions within the office to ensure they meet required standards.


  • Demonstrates a clear understanding of the sort of information needed to carry out reliable financial planning and where to find it.
  • Assembles conclusions into a coherent, well-structured and well-presented financial plan/budget, which is likely to receive approval/agreement with the minimum of revision.
  • Continues to monitor, on own initiative, the assumptions on which financial plans/budgets are based, and updates these when changing conditions justify it.

Demonstrates the ability to provide and control comprehensive financial and statistical information which will inform managerial decision-making and support future financial planning.


  • Develops and uses data gathering systems and procedures in order to obtain comprehensive up to date and relevant financial information which presents an accurate and realistic picture of the current financial situation.
  • Maintains and expands financial and statistical databases on own initiative which will facilitate a speedy response to requests for information.
  • Employs analytical skills to interpret and draw logical and rational deductions from data.
  • Translates deductions and conclusions into a report which is clear, concise and comprehensible, and which meets the needs of recipients



Demonstrates the ability to carry out routine financial transactions which support operational activities and to ensure they are properly authorized (where necessary), fully recorded, and conform to the relevant guidelines.


  • Processes all invoices accurately and promptly, checking for completeness and eliminating errors, and ensuring payment is made within the appropriate timescale.
  • Carries out reconciliations of transactions (e.g. supplies, local purchases) being methodical and thorough to avoid unnecessary errors.
  • Manages petty cash accounts, ensuring accurate records are kept, and that accounts balance, following up where discrepancies are identified.
  • Continuously monitors bank account balances to pre-empt and avoid overdrafts and unnecessary costs.
  • Ensures adherence to local tax requirements, and proactively seeks opportunities to obtain tax rebates or deductions for staff and/or the organisation as a whole.
  • Ensures the segregation of the cashiering and recording functions in all Transactions.



Demonstrates the ability to manage the day to day and ongoing disbursement of funds by showing rigor and attention to detail to ensure they are used as agreed, within guidelines and achieve value for money.


  • Proactively reviews use of funds to identify possible savings or efficiency improvements without reducing the effectiveness of the service provided to the office.
  • Monitors ongoing utilisation of budgets (e.g. programme/administrative) to redistribute or release funds where appropriate, and to reflect changes in operational priorities.
  • Responds flexibly and constructively to requests for more funds, but assesses the case objectively before reaching a rational decision and communicating this to the applicant.

Academic Qualifications

Advanced and or Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, Economics or other related fields

Other relevant qualifications in addition to the above ACCA, CPA

Relevant Experience/Skills

  • Ability to manage/administer a finance unit, ability to rationalize work, delegate tasks, apply advanced systems to simplify work and negotiate systems improvements, propose solutions to make best use of staff and financial resources
  • Experience in auditing, accounting/finance
  • Work in multi-cultural, multi-national context
  • Work experience in a NGO setting
  • Ability to prepare and administer budgets, manage finance sector
  • Analytical/Communication/inter-personal skills
  • Solid knowledge of financial and accounting procedures
  • Experience using financial software
  • Advanced MS Excel Skills
  • Knowledge of financial regulations
  • Sharp time management


POSITION REPORTS TO:                     Executive Director

DEPARTMENT:                                   Management





Driver responsibilities include:

  • Driving clients daily to their desired destinations
  • Maintaining the vehicle safe and clean
  • Using navigation apps to determine the best route

Job brief

We are looking for a Driver to transport clients in a comfortable, safe and timely manner.

Driver responsibilities include arranging regular cleaning and maintenance services for the vehicle, planning each route based on road and traffic conditions and managing payments.
Ultimately, you will help us increase customer satisfaction, making sure clients depend on us for their transportation needs.

To be considered for this role, you should have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record with no traffic violations. Note that you don’t need to have a car; we provide drivers with our own vehicles.


  • Map out driving routes ahead of time to determine the most expedient trip
  • Pick up clients from the place and at the time they’ve requested
  • Collect payments and issue receipts
  • Assist clients with loading and unloading their luggage
  • Listen to traffic and weather reports to stay up-to-date on road conditions
  • Adjust the route to avoid heavy traffic or road constructions, as needed
  • Answer clients’ questions about the area and local places of interest
  • Ensure the car seats are clean and comfortable for all riders
  • Schedule regular car service appointments and report any issues
  • Book car wash and detailing services to maintain interior and exterior cleanliness of the car



  • Proven experience as a Driver
  • A valid driver’s license
  • A clean driving record
  • Minimum visual acuity of 20/50 (or corrected to 20/50)
  • Familiarity with GPS devices
  • Knowledge of area roads and neighborhoods
  • Ability to lift heavy packages and luggage
  • Availability to occasionally take weekend and night shifts
  • A polite and professional disposition
  • Ability to remain calm in stressful driving situations (e.g. at rush hour

POSITION REPORTS TO:                     Finance Manager

DEPARTMENT:                                   Management