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“Najja nga Oluddo” A Tale of How LGBTIQ Ugandans Beat COVID-19- A Call For Submissions.

About two years ago the world was dealt a difficult hand when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. As Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer –LGBTIQ people world over the world came crashing down upon us as cases of violence against us increased. In Uganda alone at least 64 illegal arrests and detentions were made against our community. Stay-at-home directives increased our exposure to disrespectful family members which led to not only physical but emotional and financial violence. Many of us lost our jobs while others were not able to access health care services.

In Buganda where the Kuchu Times Media Group office is based there’s a saying, “Najja nga oluddo” loosely translated as “I came in as the weeds” to mean resilience. This is in reference to the water hyacinth on Lake Victoria that has troubled the waters for decades. The LGBTIQ people in Uganda kept on rising like the hyacinth on Lake Victoria, we blossomed under intense pressure and were able to band and support each other. Several Ugandan LGBTIQ organizations formed food drives where LGBTIQ Ugandans were gifted food relief to share with our families essentially taking a huge burden from our shoulders, other organizations began drives where LGBTIQ Ugandans were able to access healthcare services at our doorsteps, while community peers took it upon them to offer free psychosocial services.

As Kuchu Times Media Group, we want to hear and document all these phenomenal stories. Make your voice count in all the beautiful languages that Mother Uganda bestowed upon us. We are calling upon LGBTIQ people from all the corners of Uganda to send in stories, poems, photos, art and song. These will be shared in the 7th edition of The Bombastic Magazine that will be published next year.


You can also call us on : +256 788 329 702 to arrange a physical meeting with us to document your story.