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There’s Nothing Better Than Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Community Members.

Kuchu Times Media Group today paid a courtesy visit to Adonai Inclusive Christian Ministries. While speaking at the meeting, Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera the Executive Director, Kuchu Times Media Group said, “Many times we document stories from organisations without really getting to interact on a personal level. I’m glad that we have been able to spend this Valentine’s day with you.”

Ram Gava the Adonai Inclusive Christian Ministries Executive Director thanked Kuchu Times Media Group for sharing the organisation’s work via our platforms. “We appreciate this visit today, as Adonai Inclusive Christian Ministries we welcome LGBTQ people from all walks of life who are willing to worship with us. We also thank the team at Kuchu Times Media Group for sharing our work.” He said.

We shared a few food items with the organisation to help with the shelter that they host.