Men Of The Night Uganda (MONU) App Launch

Men of the Night Uganda has created an app that is aimed at being a safe one stop center for key populations in their comfort of their homes.

This app was born out of need for safe navigation on online spaces by key population groups. Admittedly, there are probably a couple of apps that can probably do the things we want to achieve with this app but the underlying question is, “how safe are they?” These apps can be termed as literal death traps for sexual, gender and employment minorities and the fact that the legal systems in Uganda are set up against us, it makes getting away with these crimes quite easy.

Sex workers in Uganda have notably been victims of violence, with more than 80% of them experiencing recent client perpetrated violence and 18% experiencing intimate partner violence as Muldoon, KA (2015) reported in the BMC Public Health, on a systematic review of the clinical and social epidemiological research among sex workers in Uganda. The pre-COVID era had sex workers experiencing police harassment in the wee hours of the night which is typically their working time while by the streets and other hotspots; wee hours that were also affected by the advent of the pandemic; hugely affecting business.

Criminalization of sex work has bred social stigma in citizens, which in the long run is reflected in the huge numbers of sex workers who avoid health services and even when they access them; they’re often times not having sex-worker-friendly services/personnel – which make sex workers conceal their occupations while attending to these clinics. Sex workers concealing their occupations while in health clinics is potential in living gaps in their management for them attaining a holistic wellbeing.

“Every week, we receive a call from a transgender person who has been assaulted by someone they connected with online that did not turn out to be who they say they are,” says a paralegal who requested to remain anonymous. The internet is both a magical and scary place because it allows people to be anything they want to be; this is why cat fishing is very common. App developers outside the country have not invested in tracking technology that extends to Uganda so basically you are by yourself and it is in the terms and conditions you so joyfully scroll down and agree to.

BOND comes to take these insecurities away; it is very unfortunate that for everything a key population person engage in they have to look over their shoulders due to the high insecurity. Our systems are secured with end-to-end encryption, hence no worries for any exposure of any user/information. More on this is information available in our Bond privacy policy. Bond too, is in position to get you, the user; legal assistance regarding criminalization of sex related offences/abuse. You’ll just need to contact our team on our toll-free number and register your concern.

As far as details of the services available on the app, BOND will enable people that structurally marginalized due to their sexuality, gender or nature to employment to meet new people, preferably those of his/her orientation either for casual or for monetary intercourse, to identify health centers whose services are friendly and culturally appropriate.

Its now on google play store and soon it will be on app store for ios. Attached below it’s the google play link ?

Bond with other bonders on Bond, It’s convenient, respectful and secure!