26 Year Old Lesbian Mother Benefits From Power Of Pride Program.

Charity Chebet whose story ran on our website yesterday 14th June 2022 has received some assistance from The Robust Initiative For Promoting Human Rights with support from from Power Of Pride Program.

A statement from the organisation reads,

“Dear partners at KTMG.
This is to inform you that Charity Chebet has been supported with relocation by the Rapid Response Support of The Robust Initiative For Promoting Human Rights -Triumph Uganda with support from the Power of Pride Program. We have verified that their name is Chebet as per the application to us and not Christine. At the moment, they are following up with another funding mechanism for additional support. Our Executive Director Sean Awali personally led the process.”

Kuchu Times Media Group would like to thank Triumph Uganda for rising to the occasion and promptly supporting one of our own during this Pride Month.

You too can read Charity Chebet’s story here and reach out to her private contacts here :+256703622164.