October 2022


Interpretation Of The Computer Misuse (Amendment) Act 2022

The purpose of this #DYK campaign is to raise awareness on the amendment of the act so as sexual and gender minority communities are not found at the wrong end of the law. We also aim to clear some misinformation and disinformation that has been spread which has raised a lot of online insecurity and further curtailed freedom of speech of structurally silenced groups. We believe that as minority groups, the internet plays a big role in advancing our advocacy; this campaign is aimed ensuring the continuity of this advocacy.



HER Internet’s campaign’s hashtag #SpeakFreelyTypeFreelydraws on the insight that the same rights that are enjoyed by people offline to express themselves should also be enjoyed online and calls on everyone to make it safe for people to express themselves freely, while #SeeSomethingSaySomethingencourages all internet users to call out any violation or infringement upon their digital rights or the rights of others.
To get involved or participate, follow HER Internetvia their social media pages: Twitter, Instagram and Facebookthrough #SpeakFreelyTypeFreely and #SeeSomethingSaySomething.


Men Of the Night Uganda (MONU) Launches Report On The Assessment Of Government Poverty Alleviation Programs And Their Impact On Key Population Groups.

Although economic justice is a strong pillar in the fight against discrimination and stigma ,key population communities need to realize that they do not operate in a vacuum away from the rest of the world and as citizens of Uganda are also very much entitled to the benefits of all government poverty alleviation programs.