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Faithful Catholic Souls And Women Of Faith In Action Hold Rosary Reciting To End The Month Of The Holy Rosary

Although homophobia and discrimination are at an all time high in Uganda currently, there were a number of testimonies that raised the faith of the believers. One individual said they were traumatized by a mainstream church and vowed not to recite the rosary ever again. She noted that even as he made the trip to the reciting her spirit was fighting her drawing her back to that over a decade old trauma. “When I walked in, found people that look like me, mentioning challenges that mirror mine, I found my kindred. I leave more intentional to recite my rosary,” testified Loretta.

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Queering The Ballot In Kenya

The four organizations in partnership launched the #QueeringTheBallot situation room on Friday, 5th August, 2022, whose major roles will be rapid response in terms of security issues, deal with any press conferences that may arise and an information sharing center. An online poll ran by INEND in June this year to find out if registered queer Kenyans were going to vote or not and what were the reasons. Most queer Kenyans stood by the grounds to not vote because they felt like as queer Kenyans the state couldn’t care less about their existence. Post the elections INEND and her partners intends to carry out another poll to assess the impact of the #QueeringTheBallot campaign and if more queer Kenyans changed their minds and participated in the elections.

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Parliament Forum on Ethics and Integrity Urges EALA Aspiring Candidates To Challenge The Sexual and Reproduction Health Bill,2017

On Thursday, 4th August, 2022 the Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Ethics and Intergrity made their expectations of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) during a meeting the aspirants had with the forum at Parliament house. Top of that list was to ensure they challenge the Sexual and Reproductive Health Bill, 2017.

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Inaugural Munich Extra Pride

Extra Pride was born out of the lack of diversity for different LGBTIQA+ identifying persons. For example the general Pride did not give platform to Black People, Indigenous People, People of Color and Transgender & Nonbinary People to either be part of organizing or perform and those that were asked to perform were severely underpaid in comparison to their white counterparts.