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Uganda: “Meet BadBlack”, The Fearless Transwoman

Bad Black, the Fearless Transwoman who Refuses to Conform to Uganda’s Homophobia 25 year old Bad Black is one of the fearless transgender women that have put their lives at stake and come to the fore front to fight discrimination against LGBTI people in Uganda. She is the co-founder of Come Out Post Test Club, an organization for Transwomen living with HIV as well as those engaging in sex work.

Uganda being one of the most unsafe places for LGBTI people, Bad Black lives in constant fear for her life and says with the current strategy set, by the country’s Ethics Minister Rev Lokodo, to arrest sex clients and their clients, she does not know what the next day will bring her way.


She has been verbally and physically attacked by the community she is meant to feel safe in but that has not taken away her zeal to effect change. Bad Black has dedicated her life as a peer educator and works hand in hand with friendly clinics to provide health services for the transwomen in Uganda.

Speaking on behalf of Uganda’s sex workers, Bad Black continuously appeals to legislators to put up laws that will protect the interest of people in her profession. These laws will protect sex workers from disrespectful clients and put in place a minimum wage for their trade.