March 2022


#WCW Dr. Stella Nyanzi

The ability to get so passionately behind a cause without care to who else joins her is partly inspired by people like Kasha, Pepe, David Kato (RIP) , Victor Mukasa Denis Wamala and Val Kalende; the small community of almost beaten people standing up and daring to stare their powerful enemies in the face and WINNING! Part of her power comes from this work because she stood in; not with the community but in the community of these extremely marginalized people and as a team they won.


Tosilika Yogera Intimate Partner Violence Campaign.

victims of intimate partner violence offering temporary shelter, legal aid and psychosocial support.
This campaign was a week long and there are conversations we started that we have to keep having if we are to have any tangible results. As siblings we need to be each other’s keepers and be kinder to one another. Perpetrators of intimate partner violence need to have these conversations with themselves and seek the help they need to break these cycles.