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Parliament Forum on Ethics and Integrity Urges EALA Aspiring Candidates To Challenge The Sexual and Reproduction Health Bill,2017

On Thursday, 4th August, 2022 the Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Ethics and Intergrity made their expectations of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) during a meeting the aspirants had with the forum at Parliament house. Top of that list was to ensure they challenge the Sexual and Reproductive Health Bill, 2017.

This expectation was fueled by the members of the Parliamentary Forum on Ethics and Integrity to uphold morals and cultural values of East Africa. The bill has been tabled and dropped twice on the same grounds by the Assembly. According to this Forum, the bill promotes homosexuality and abortion both of which have been identified as immoral by the same.

The forum chairperson, Hon. James Nsaba Buturo said, “After all the failed attempts, they decided to sugarcoat it with some popular provisions, but when you assess it, you will find abortion, homosexuality, and these are not our values, this is not our culture, we said we must fight back.” Hon. Nsaba Buturo is vividly remembered by the Ugandan LGBTIQA+ community as the push behind the infamous Anti Homosexuality Act, 2014. Buturo was the then Minister of Integrity fought the Ugandan LGBTIQA+ movement so much to the extent he fined a radio station that tried to give the movement airplay $1000 claiming the movement was using media to recruit their children!

With the official shut down of Sexual Minorities Uganda that same day, it is starting to look like homophobic leaders will stop at no cost to oppress an already oppressed community. The rejection of abortion services affects more communities than the LGBTIQA+ community as the Sex Worker community is also afraid of the effects this will have on the community. The feminist movement strongly opposes this move and voices that abortion care is health care which should be readily available for all. This is a sexist move! “The refusal to pass a bill legalizing abortion care doesn’t stop bortion by the way and the governments should know this. Refusal to offer abortion care only legalizes unsafe abortions which will lead to loss of lives!” Catherine, feminist.

KTMG advises the forum to look beyond its personal prejudices and cater to the rights and wellbeing of the people who elected them into power.