November 2022



Motorcycles are an essential part of the key population ecosystem. From trusted means of transportation to clients for some to belonging in some of the key population groups themselves. For some they are used just once in a while in times of emergencies or when there is extreme traffic but for other people it is a way of life, simply no other mode of transport can work. Open as they may seem they can offer a sense of privacy because once you build trust with a rider they will go to the ends of the world for your safety. A study revealed that transgender persons only trust motor cycle taxis a mode of transport as this does not draw a lot of attention to them. The same applies to sex workers and other members of the key population community.


The LGBTQ+ Community of Northern Uganda and West Nile Celebrates Inaugural Northern Pride

In Northern and West Nile Regions of Uganda, homosexuality is not talked about openly because the society denies the existence of LGBT persons and considers this diversity an abomination. In such a gagged environment, where culture plays a bigger role than law; the queer community dared to celebrate Pride in an event named, “How do I look, Northern Connection!”

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Faithful Catholic Souls And Women Of Faith In Action Hold Rosary Reciting To End The Month Of The Holy Rosary

Although homophobia and discrimination are at an all time high in Uganda currently, there were a number of testimonies that raised the faith of the believers. One individual said they were traumatized by a mainstream church and vowed not to recite the rosary ever again. She noted that even as he made the trip to the reciting her spirit was fighting her drawing her back to that over a decade old trauma. “When I walked in, found people that look like me, mentioning challenges that mirror mine, I found my kindred. I leave more intentional to recite my rosary,” testified Loretta.


The Ugandan Delegation At The Ongoing 61st Session of The Organization of the African Caribbean and Pacific States Vows To Oppose Plans by Gay Nations To Impose the Promotion of Homosexuality and Abortion

The Ugandan delegation at the ongoing 61st session of the Organization of the African, Caribbean and Pacific States Parliamentary Assembly has vowed to oppose plans by pro-gay nations to impose the promotion of homosexuality and abortion as new conditions for trade and aid relationships with the European Union. According to NTV Uganda , speaking at […]