COMING OUT: A Gay Man’s Tale of Boldness and Self Acceptance

I did not speak to my parents for about six months after that call. Until one day one of my sisters phoned and said that dad had been to the doctor and there were concerns about his health. I quit my job within the week and was headed home. My sister had made that up in an attempt to get us to talk. I spent some of the worst five weeks at home then. But it did start a conversation. My parents denied ever saying that they would kick me out if I was gay.

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FROM PRIDE RAID TO FULFILLING A DREAM: Sanyu Hajarah Shares her Therapeutic Mountain Climbing Adventure

I am a strong woman but when I reached Wagagai, I broke down, I sat and cried for close to twenty minutes, I cried because I was happy to have achieved my dream, I cried because of the struggles we go through, I cried for my country and the government plus other communities which don’t regard us as human beings and I cried because I made it.


LGBTI Lives Under Threat as Tanzania Bans Distribution of Lubricant!

According to The Citizen, The Tanzania Ministry of Health subsequently called for a ban on lubricants, a safer sex commodity, as these are seen to encourage homosexuality. Since the ban on lubricants was issued, organisation providing HIV services to key populations report that some of their clients have stopped seeking health care and defaulted on their ART regimens


OGERA launches Tournament to Provide Sports Platform for LGBTI Persons

According to Shammie the Executive Director of OGERA, they also considered the reality that as a result of this project, there would be visibility, recognition and exposure of LBT/WSW talents to the wider sports fraternity thus creating opportunities as well as change people’s perceptions and attitudes towards LGBTI people.



Several activists and members of the community were arrested and later released with no charges. Some of the arrested were tortured by inmates as officers offered a deaf ear to the ongoing anguish in the cells. Pride was cancelled as Minister of Ethics and Integrity Father Simon Lokodo threatened to organize mobs and more forces to attack anyone who was brave enough to participate in any of the pride events that had been organized.

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Life after RAPE- A Transman’s Tale of Raising a Child Singlehandedly

Tears rolled down Wahab’s face as he talked about his son.” I am his mother and father; and sometimes I can’t even afford to pay school fees for my own child, this breaks my heart,” he narrates. He however explains that he has a Congolese friend who has took him in and thanks God for this miracle. The lady has been a stronghold for Wahab and has also taken on helping his (Wahab’s) son whenever she can.


Uganda’s UKAT Restores Hope to a Marginalised People

The Uganda Kuchu Aquatics team led by Diane Bakuraira has been a source of inspiration, hope and joy during a time that many characterize as turbulent. The group of five consisted mainly of people who were first time competitive swimmers and they have managed to wreck in over twenty gold medals. They also got first position in the small teams category; a prize they say they don’t take for granted having been first time competitors at IGLA.


Uganda: Government Fuels Homophobia and Transphobia in Police Crackdown on LGBTI Pride Celebrations

The African Charter on Human and People’s Rights(African Charter) and the Resolution #275 on Protection against Violence and other Human Rights Violations against Persons on the basis of their real or imputed Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity respectively, call for members states to refrain from subjecting their citizens from cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and to ensure timely investigation and prosecution of all perpetrators of violence against person based on the sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

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